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Blade Runner Scene 6

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Scene 6

Scene 6

Snake Charmer

  • A lady in a marketplace helps Deckard identify the scale as a snake scale—from an artificial snake manufactured by a dude named Abdul Hassan.
  • Deckard visits Abdul Hassan, and after an angry confrontation, Hassan directs him to a club owned by a man called Taffey Lewis.
  • At the club, Deckard has an unhelpful encounter with Lewis and tries to phone Rachael to invite her to the club—but she won't come.
  • Nevertheless—surprise, surprise—Zhora is present, working as an exotic dancer with her artificial snake as a prop.
  • After the show, Deckard visits Zhora's dressing room, where she strips down and changes, while he pretends to be a guy working for the Committee on Moral Abuses; he says he's making sure she hasn't been exploited in her job.
  • But Zhora catches onto Deckard's game and attacks him. He ends up chasing her through the street, finally gunning her down as she crashes through a store's window.

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