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Blade Runner Scene 7

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Scene 7

Scene 7

Meeting His Maker

  • Deckard meets up with Bryant and Gaff, who congratulate him on killing Zhora—before explaining that Rachael ran away, and now she's on their hit list, too.
  • Immediately thereafter, Deck runs into Leon, who tries to kill him. But Rachael shows up and saves Deckard, shooting Leon before he can finish the job.
  • A shaken Deckard and Rachael go to his apartment, where Rachael plays the piano as Deckard falls asleep (other cuts of the movie include the unicorn dream sequence at this point).
  • When Deckard gets up, they kiss and have sex (implied, not shown).
  • At Sebastian's apartment, Pris and Sebastian chat—he suffers from a disorder that involves premature aging.
  • Roy arrives and tells Pris that he and she are the only two replicants left.
  • Sebastian has guessed that Roy and Pris replicants. Now, Roy and Pris try to convince and intimidate him into taking Roy to see Tyrell. Sebastian agrees.
  • In the elevator up to see Tyrell, Sebastian announces a checkmate move in the long-term chess game they've been playing (Roy suggests the move). Tyrell lets them in.
  • Tyrell and Roy talk. Roy demands a longer lifespan, but Tyrell says it's impossible to change the genetic coding sequence he's given him. He advises Roy to make the most of the time he has left.
  • Angered, Roy kills Tyrell, crushing his skull and pushing in his eyes with his bare hands and thumbs.

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