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Blade Runner Scene 8

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Scene 8

Scene 8

"Tears in Rain"

  • Sitting in his cop car, Deckard gets a notice from Bryant, informing him that Tyrell and Sebastian have both been murdered.
  • After calling Sebastian's apartment and hearing Pris pick up the phone and then hang up on him, Deckard journeys over to see what's up.
  • Deckard wanders around Sebastian's apartment, which is full of creepy toys—one of which turns out to be Pris in disguise. She does somersaults through the apartment before catching Deckard's head between her thighs; she tries to kill him.
  • After a little more combat, Deckard shoots Pris dead.
  • When Roy arrives, he's not pleased with the situation. As Deckard tries to hide behind a wall, Roy smashes a fist through and grabs one of Deckard's arms. He breaks one of his fingers for Zhora and one for Pris before letting him go.
  • Roy acts crazy, driving a spike through his hand, and howling as he chases Deckard around. Deckard hits him with a pipe, but it has no real effect.
  • Deckard manages to get out on the roof and jump across to another roof, where he ends up hanging from the side, grasping on to a beam.
  • Roy pursues Deckard, holding a white dove (a room in the apartment building was infested with birds).
  • Surprisingly, just as Deckard is about to fall, Roy saves him, pulling him up to safety.
  • It turns out that Roy is reaching his expiration date, and his body is automatically dying. He tells Deckard about the amazing things he remembers seeing as a slave in space, talking about how his memories will now be lost "like tears in rain."
  • Roy dies, and as he does so, he releases the dove, which flies away.

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