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Blazing Saddles Froggie

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There are many times in this movie where Hedley Lamarr tries to play himself off as an evil genius. But as we find out at several points, he's actually a sniveling little twerp.

When he's taking a bath, for example, he suddenly breaks into a huge panic when he can't find his toy frog. As he shouts to Taggart,

"Where's my froggie?!"

When Taggart can't find it right away, Hedley's panic builds and he cries,

"Hurry. Find it. Get it. Get it."

What all of this Froggie stuff tells us is that deep down, jerks like Hedley Lamarr are insanely insecure and childish. Why else would they spend their entire lives trying to reassure themselves of how smart and powerful they are?

At the end of the day, Hedley Lamarr and people like him are a bunch of children who say things like,

"That was a close one! Daddy loves Froggie. Froggie love Daddy?" 

No one loves you, Hedley… because you're a jerk.

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