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Blazing Saddles Genre

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Comedy (Western)

If this movie ain't a comedy, then we have no clue what a comedy is. From minute one, Blazing Saddles only tries to do one thing, which is make you laugh. And if it doesn't succeed—well, you can't say it didn't try its darnedest.

In fact, one of the criticisms you might make of this movie is that it tries a little too hard to make you laugh too often. But honestly, who would get mad at a comedy for trying too hard to make them laugh? (Critics, that's who.)

More than any comedy director in history, Mel Brooks is absolutely determined to use every single tool at his disposal to make you grab your belly and laugh. He throws down some amazing racial satire, and then follows it with clever reversals. And if all that doesn't work, he's got plenty of fart jokes for you.

From the moment Sheriff Bart dresses up like a delivery man and walks away to the Looney Tunes theme song , you can pretty much tell that Mel Brooks is going to throw everything but the kitchen sink at you.

And if that doesn't work, he'll probably throw that at you, too.

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