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Blazing Saddles What's Up With the Title?

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What's Up With the Title?

When we watch the opening credits of this movie, we can hear the title song talk about a hero who:

[…] rode a blazing saddle/ He wore a shining star/ His job to offer battle/ Too bad men near and far.

Now we might hear these lyrics and says to ourselves, "Great, here's another typical Western movie about a dude with a gun who kills the bad guys." But as the movie continues, we realize that "blazing saddle" might also refer to the fact that eating beans and riding a horse can sure make a person fart a lot. And these farts all culminate in one very gassy—and very famous—campfire scene.

This double meaning of "Blazing Saddles" gives us a perfect example of Mel Brooks' humor, which takes a normal image of glory and heroism and makes it into something totally silly (and gross).

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