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Blazing Saddles Production Studio

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Production Studio

Warner Brothers Studios

It should come as little surprise that Warner Brothers Studios is the same company that created Bugs Bunny and the whole Looney Tunes gang, because Mel Brooks' Blazing Saddles often feels like a live action version of this exact same show. Everything from fake towns to exploding boxes of candy suggests to us that we're watching a movie made by someone who grew up really loving the WB brand and all of its favorite characters.

And once he got funding from Warner Brothers, Mel Brooks did his best to use every inch of the studio's space, as he has his entire cast break away from their movie set at the end of the film and run amok on other movie sets too.

When it came out in 1974, Blazing Saddles fit nicely into the WB's film lineup. The company had just come off releasing one of the scariest movies ever made (The Exorcist) one year earlier. And what better way to follow up this movie than with one of the funniest movies ever made? Well WB went ahead and did just that.

So, is anyone up for a Blazing Saddles and The Exorcist double feature?

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