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Blazing Saddles Scene 10

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Scene 10

Scene 10

  • We look in on the railroad crew, where Bart's old buddy Charlie goes to get a drink of water. He sees Bart coming and can't believe that the guy is alive and is now a sheriff to boot.
  • When Bart mentions that he's the sheriff of Rock Ridge, Charlie mentions that the railroad is going to go through that town.
  • Some of the other workers recognize Bart and come to say hi, but then Taggart and his crew of white dudes come blazing in to see what's going on. Taggart recognizes Bart as the man who hit him with a shovel and can't believe that Bart is a sheriff.
  • His henchman Lyle says he'll cheer Taggart up by having his men shoot Bart on the count of three.
  • The men all draw their guns and try to fire. But before they can even get a shot off, Bart's deputy Jim shoots the guns out of all their hands. All of the people on Bart's side start cheering.
  • Back in Hedley's office, Hedley tries to think of a new way to beat Bart. Lili (who's tied up in his office for no apparent reason) tells him that he'll never find a way to beat Bart because Bart is too much of a man for him.
  • Hedley decides that the only thing he can do is recruit an army of all the worst murderers and thugs in the West. Sounds like a pretty great plan, right? After all, who wouldn't trust a group of proven psychopaths to carry out orders?

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