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Blazing Saddles Scene 12

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Scene 12

Scene 12

  • It's morning, and the people of Rock Ridge have somehow managed to build an entire replica of their town. It's amazing what you can do with a little elbow grease and a completely unrealistic plot point.
  • Nearby, Hedley Lamarr gives a passionate speech to his army of villains. He gets them to pledge their allegiance to him and the evil for which he stands. It's pretty stirring (in an super-villain sort of way), although he's certainly no Bill Pullman.
  • Back at the fake Rock Ridge, Bart says that he and his team will still have to make dummy replicas of everyone from the town. While people get to work on that, Bart takes Jim and hatches a plan to slow down Hedley Lamarr's vicious gang.
  • When Hedley Lamarr's army comes rushing through the desert, they hit a tollbooth in the middle of the desert that has the governor's name on it.
  • One by one, they fish in their pockets for the correct change to get through. Eventually, they send someone to head back and get a bunch of dimes for the toll.
  • When they're all through the tollbooth, the villains ride through the fake Rock Ridge and start trashing the place.
  • From atop a nearby hill, the people of Rock Ridge push down the handle on a detonator. They've rigged the replica town with explosives, but the explosives don't go off.
  • Bart asks Jim if he can shoot the dynamite with a crack shot and he says he'll give it a try. Of course, he nails it on the first shot.
  • Just as the dynamite goes off, Taggart realizes that the town is a fake. He and his men are blown to bits as the people of Rock Ridge storm back in and beat up the invaders. It ain't exactly the battle of Helm's Deep, but it's not bad.

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