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Blazing Saddles Scene 13

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Scene 13

Scene 13

  • While the battle is going on at Rock Ridge, the camera pans so far to the left that it leaves the movie set altogether and shows us the many soundstages of the Warner Brothers film lot.
  • We look in on a bunch of guys in tuxedos doing a dance number for a completely different movie. One of the dancers messes up and the director steps up to show them how to do the dance properly.
  • As the dancers start again, the fight from Rock Ridge busts into the room and drags the dancers into the huge brawl.
  • We cut again, now to the Warner Brothers cafeteria, where a bunch of actors in random costumes are eating and chatting. Now all the fights and dancers bust into this room and pull all the actors into the big fight. At this moment, a tour of Warner Brothers comes through and gets pulled in too.
  • Hedley Lamarr comes out of a men's bathroom and sneaks away from the action.
  • Before we know it, the actors are all running out of Warner Brothers and into the streets of Los Angeles. Hedley grabs a cab and flees the scene, but Bart comes riding after him on a horse.
  • You might think that a horse could never catch a taxi, but you probably should've stopped calling out this movie on its realism long ago.

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