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Blazing Saddles Scene 14

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Scene 14

Scene 14

  • You might have though this movie couldn't get any wackier. But in the final chase, Hedley Lamarr takes a cab to the famous TCL Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard.
  • And sure enough, the movie playing at the theatre is Blazing Saddles, the same one we're watching at this moment.
  • Hedley runs into the movie theatre, buys a snack, and takes a seat while the feature plays.
  • On the screen, we see Bart arriving at the movie theatre, which tells Hedley to run for it. Outside, Bart catches Hedley and tells him his day has come.
  • But Hedley wants to settle their score like men, so Bart puts down his gun and tries to fight Hedley. But then Hedley reveals that he had a gun all along. Bart rolls out of the way in time and shoot Hedley in the groin. Tee hee hee.
  • Now that Hedley is done for, Jim and Bart head into the theatre to watch the end of the movie.
  • On the screen, we look back at Rock Ridge, where the people are asking Sheriff Bart to stick around. But Bart says he's needed elsewhere and can't stay. He makes a passionate final speech and rides away, but not before the people call him out for being full of it.
  • In any case, Bart rides away and stops to say goodbye to Jim. Then he changes his mind and invites Jim to ride away with him.
  • In the final shot, we see Jim and Bart ride off into the desert until they reach a limousine. They get off their horses, jump into the car, and ride away.

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