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Blazing Saddles Scene 3

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Scene 3

Scene 3

  • We look in for the first time on the town of Rock Ridge while a song tells us about how peaceful the place is.
  • But as usually happens when things are super-peaceful in movies, all hell breaks loose. A pack of murderers and thieves descends on the town.
  • When the horror is over, the people of Rock Ridge meet at the church to decide whether they should all leave.
  • The man at the pulpit says he's getting out of town ASAP, but then a grizzled old prospector by the name of Gabby Johnson stands up and says in total gibberish that hfjidlsahf fdoifid fofofosd.
  • Translation: he'll never leave.
  • Next, a more eloquent guy gets up and thanks Gabby for his courageous speech. He pretty much says the same thing in regular English, saying that the people of Rock Ridge shouldn't give up.
  • The man at the pulpit says that if people are going to say, they'll need a new sheriff. Turns out that the last one got killed in the recent attack on the town (but don't expect the Rock Ridge folks to put that in the job posting).
  • One of the townspeople says the governor should send them a new sheriff, since there's no point in the town getting one of its own people killed. In other words, the people of Rock Ridge don't mind someone they don't know getting killed.
  • Ain't that heartwarming?
  • Just as the people decide to write the governor, a batch of lit dynamite comes through one of the windows and everyone ducks as it blows up.

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