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Blazing Saddles Scene 4

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Scene 4

Scene 4

  • We flash to the office of the governor, where Hedley Lamarr is trying to get Governor Lepetomane to sign a bill allowing the government to steal tons of land from the Native Americans in exchange for a box of paddleballs.
  • This might sound like a totally silly joke, but it comes sadly close to the historical reality of how white settlers stole land from Indigenous peoples. Yes, Brooks plays this for laughs, but there's always that little part of the humor that pricks our conscience and makes us say, "Heh heh, yeah."
  • As the governor finishes up signing the bills, his large-breasted secretary tells him that an urgent telegraph has arrived from the town of Rock Ridge. It tells of how the town has been attacked and the sheriff has been murdered.
  • The governor flips out and says that the state must find a way to protect the town while Hedley Lamarr stands beside him looking concerned. Clearly, he doesn't want the governor to know that '> the cause of all the mayhem.
  • Hedley says he'll personally find a new sheriff for Rock Ridge and he calls a close to the meeting with a triumphant "harumph!"
  • We go back to Hedley's office, where he's wondering how he can turn the Rock Ridge situation to his advantage. He glances out the window just as Bart is about to be hanged, and then he has the amazing idea of sending Bart as the new sheriff of Rock Ridge.
  • Next thing we know, Hedley is back at the governor's house with Bart. He tells the governor that Bart will be the new sheriff of Rock Ridge. The governor thinks it's a terrible idea because Bart is black, but Hedley says that becoming the first man to ever appoint a black sheriff will make the governor go down in history.
  • Surprise, surprise: the governor suddenly loves the idea.
  • The governor knows Bart will be killed by the people of Rock Ridge in one day, but Hedley says that's all they need to put the governor in the history books.
  • So it's settled, and Hedley sends Bart off to his new job as sheriff of Rock Ridge.

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