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Blazing Saddles Scene 6

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Scene 6

Scene 6

  • The people of Rock Ridge have a town hall meeting to discuss their new sheriff. They have written a new letter to the governor explaining their outrage about their new sheriff.
  • Back in the sheriff's office, Bart gets settled while one of the drunks in his jail cells wakes up. Bart goes into the cell and helps the guy straighten himself out.
  • The man says his name is Jim and that he doesn't care if he lives or dies (Hahahaha. Good one, Mel Brooks).
  • Bart and Jim settle down to a game of chess. Jim takes another huge drink of liquor and Bart asks him why he drinks so much.
  • Jim says he used to be called the Waco Kid, and Bart doesn't believe him because the Waco Kid is supposed to have the fastest hands in the West.
  • Bart wants a demonstration; so Jim shows how fast his hands are by snatching a chess piece from across the table before Bart can so much as look at it.
  • Jim says that he eventually stopped calling himself the Waco Kid because people started coming from all around to get a piece of him. He killed so many challengers he can't even remember how many there were.
  • Then one day, a little kid challenged him and Jim just turned away. That's when the kid shot him directly in the bum (tee hee). So Jim limped to the nearest saloon and he hasn't stopped drinking since.
  • Now it's time for Jim to hear Bart's story. So Bart talks about how he and his family were once part of a long wagon train heading west. A huge number of Sioux attacked the wagon train. And before anyone knew what was going on, Bart's family was surrounded. The Sioux chief (played by director Mel Brooks) told them they're free to go.
  • For some reason, we flash back to Bart and he says the rest of his story is history. Looking back, it seems like this last scene has served no purpose other than giving Mel Brooks the chance to dress up as a Native American.
  • Seriously, watch the thing and tell us we're wrong.

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