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Blazing Saddles Scene 7

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Scene 7

Scene 7

  • A group of Hedley Lamarr's thugs hangs out in the middle of the desert eating baked beans. They spend the next minute or so farting really loudly.
  • Now you might not think of this as a landmark scene, but it was actually the first time there was ever an audible fart in a major American film. So yes, every one of those farts is a part of film history.
  • Taggart finally comes out of his tent and asks which of the men wants to kill the new sheriff of Rock Ridge.
  • Lyle pops up and tells Taggart they should send a huge man named Mongo to go kill Bart.
  • Back in Rock Ridge, Bart and Jim hang out in the sheriff's office. Bart lights up a joint while Jim shaves.
  • Jim says that Bart shouldn't go out into the town that day because he'll never win the people over.
  • Bart says it'll all be fine and heads into the street. He greets an old woman kindly, but she tells him "Up yours!" and walks away.
  • She adds a racial slur at the end, and don't expect us to let her off the hook just because she's a tiny old woman who's probably been dead for forty years now. Racism is still racism.
  • Back in the station, Jim consoles Bart about his failed attempts to win the town over, saying that the townsfolk are the "common clay of the new west. You know: morons." Just as Bart cheers up, he hears a rumbling and asks what's going on.
  • We look outside and see that Mongo is entering the town, scattering people wherever he goes. He hitches up at the saloon and heads inside.
  • Back in the sheriff's office, a townsperson runs in and tells Bart he needs to help the town. Bart finds it ironic that the town is running to him for help, but he's still willing to do his job.
  • It sounds like he doesn't understand what he's getting into with Mongo.
  • Bart starts to put on his gun, but Jim tells him that shooting Mongo just makes him mad. It doesn't seem like Mongo can be hurt by bullets.
  • We cut back to Mongo crushing a bunch of people in the saloon when Bart walks in dressed as a delivery person. He says he has a candy-gram for Mongo.
  • When Mongo opens the box, it explodes in his face. Bart walks out to Looney Tunes music, and Mel Brooks gets to show all of us just how much he loves Bugs Bunny. And since this is a Warner Brothers movie, he gets to use the song for free. What a deal, eh?

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