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Bonnie and Clyde Scene 14

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Scene 14

Scene 14

  • Clyde's older brother Buck and his wife Blanche arrive.
  • Clyde and Buck are delighted to see each other—they have an adorable brotherly love thing going on, even though Buck is totally cheesy.
  • Blanche seems uncomfortable with meeting everyone, especially C.W. (who comes out in his long underwear).
  • They take some pictures with the Kodak camera.
  • Clyde poses with a machine gun; Bonnie poses with a pistol and a cigar.
  • Alone, Buck asks Clyde if he had to kill the man in the bank robbery. Eventually, Clyde indicates that, yes, it was something he had to do.
  • Clyde suggests that they all go up to Missouri, where the law isn't looking for Clyde, and have a vacation together.

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