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Bonnie and Clyde Scene 22

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Scene 22

Scene 22

  • As C.W. works on the car, Clyde decides to divide the money the gang robbed from the bank.
  • First, he splits it four ways, leaving Blanche out.
  • After Blanche complains, he agrees to divide it five ways, including her.
  • Bonnie's not happy about this at all, saying that Blanche doesn't do anything and therefore doesn't deserve anything.
  • Blanche counters, saying that she risks her life and is wanted by the police, too.
  • To Bonnie's annoyance, Blanche prevails, and Clyde cuts her in on the split.
  • Meanwhile, C.W.'s found a major oil leak in the car and says that they have to steal a new one.

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