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Bonnie and Clyde Scene 23

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Scene 23

Scene 23

  • The scene opens with a couple, Eugene and Velma, smooching on Velma's front porch.
  • They notice that some people (the Barrow Gang—who else?) are stealing Eugene's car.
  • Enraged, Eugene and Velma decide to pursue them in Velma's car.
  • As they're in pursuit, Velma mentions that these people might have guns.
  • This thought makes Eugene more cautious, and he suggests that they drive back and call the police.
  • As they stop and turn around, however, Clyde decides to pursue them for fun.
  • They stop Eugene and Velma and have them join the gang in the car they've just stolen.
  • As they drive, Buck tells jokes, and everyone seems more relaxed.
  • The gang members like that, at least for a time, they can just be folks chatting it up with other folks.
  • Bonnie asks Velma how old she is, and she says "I'm thirty-three." Eugene looks weird—this is obviously way older than he thought she was.
  • They drive on into the night, and they order take-out burgers. Everyone is so chill that they joke about French fries and suggest that Eugene join up with the Barrow Gang.
  • Then, Bonnie asks Eugene what he does for a living, and he says that he's an undertaker.
  • At this suggestion of death, a freaked-out Bonnie tells Clyde to kick Eugene and Velma out of the car.

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