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Bonnie and Clyde Scene 25

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Scene 25

Scene 25

  • With C.W. standing guard, the gang visits Bonnie's family, including her mother, at a picnic reunion in an abandoned gravel pit.
  • Everyone seems to be having a nice time—there's food and one of Bonnie's relatives has made a scrapbook of clippings about Bonnie and Clyde.
  • This scene's iconic: the visuals are subdued and the sound is weirdly muted. It looks kind of like an old photograph.
  • It's obviously a beautiful day, but the scene is steeped in sadness.
  • A little boy rolls down a hill and lies at the bottom.
  • Bonnie bends over him. Because she's wearing black and the boy is lying motionless, it looks funereal.
  • Eventually, though, people begin to leave.
  • Bonnie wants her mother to stay a bit longer, and asks Clyde to try to convince her to.
  • Clyde talks of retiring from robbing banks as soon as the hard times are over.
  • Bonnie's mother is having none of it, though. "You best keep running, Clyde Barrow," she tells him.
  • Soon, Bonnie's mother and the rest of the relatives leave, and only the gang members are left.

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