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Bonnie and Clyde Scene 26

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Scene 26

Scene 26

  • We cut to a motel in Iowa. Everyone in the gang is cooped up, and C.W. has a hideous new chest tattoo.
  • Feeling the tension and sensing doom, Bonnie snaps at the others in the gang.
  • Clyde asks C.W. and Blanche to go get take-out.
  • Alone, Bonnie tells Clyde how blue she feels, adding, "When we started out, I thought we were really going somewhere. Now, we're just going."
  • He tells her that he's her family, and she curls up in his lap.
  • Clyde tells her he loves her.
  • Blanche and C.W. have a heart-to-heart on the drive: she tells him all about being a preacher's daughter and how her dad loved Buck. They talk about religion, too: they're both devout.
  • At the diner where they're picking up take-out chicken, a man sees C.W.'s gun and calls the police.
  • Back at the motel, the gang's ambushed.
  • The members manage to escape, but Buck is badly wounded—he's shot in the head.
  • The drive away is chaos—Blanche's screaming, "It didn't happen!" Clyde looks like a madman. C.W.'s crying.
  • The group finally manages to elude the police and get to clearing in the woods.
  • They realize how badly off Buck is—"Half his head's blown off. He's not going to make it."—and that Blanche's face has been grazed by a bullet, blinding her.
  • For the first time ever, Bonnie's nice to Blanche. (That's how you know it's bad.)
  • Blanche wants to go to a doctor
  • Buck obviously has brain damage: he's shouting about how he thinks he lost his shoes and how the dog got them.
  • They spend the night in the woods.
  • The next morning they realize they're surrounded by police.
  • Blanche's captured and Buck dies, but Bonnie, Clyde, and C.W. manage to escape into the woods on foot. They cross a river, and both Bonnie and Clyde are shot. They're not dead, but they're both badly wounded.
  • Clyde manages to steal a car from a farm, and they continue on, with C.W. driving.

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