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Bonnie and Clyde Scene 3

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Scene 3

Scene 3

  • As the two flee, Bonnie is clearly turned on by what Clyde's just done and kisses him passionately as he drives.
  • He pulls the car over and tells her to stop and that—while he doesn't like boys—he isn't much of a ladies' man, either.
  • She's clearly disappointed and asks to be taken home.
  • He tells her that, if all she wants is to get laid, she can go back home to her sleepy town of West Dallas.
  • If she wants adventure (but no sex), she can stick with him.
  • He tells her that she's different, and that she's special—"You may be the best damn girl in Texas"—and that if they stay together they can live an awesome, fame-filled life of crime.

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