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Bonnie and Clyde Family

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All of the main characters in Bonnie and Clyde feel super-strong family ties—and these familial impulse usually makes every…miserable.

After she runs away with Clyde, Bonnie has a strong desire to see her mother. Buck goes against his pledge to go straight in order to rob banks with his "baby brother." When C.W. temporarily takes charge after both Bonnie and Clyde are wounded, his first instinct is to drive to his father's house for help. Also, the gang itself also becomes a family of its own. As Clyde tells Bonnie at one point, "I'm your family now."

Questions About Family

  1. What are the various family relationships the five major characters discuss in the film?
  2. How has the decision to pursue a life of crime estranged each of the major characters from his/her family of origin?
  3. In what ways has the gang become a family?

Chew on This

Becoming an outlaw usually means cutting oneself off from one's family.

As it becomes isolated from the rest of the world, an outlaw gang can take on make of the aspects of a family.

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