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Bonnie and Clyde Violence

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Although both Bonnie and Clyde seem like peaceful people, the robberies they pull soon turn violent as others fight to keep their money.

Very quickly, too, this violence escalates as law officers respond with armored cars and the gang fights back with everything from machine guns to hand grenades. Ultimately, Bonnie and Clyde are gunned down in a veritable hailstorm of bullets—a violent ending to a violent saga.

Questions About Violence

  1. Is violence a natural extension of crime?
  2. What kind of impact does the escalating violence have on the main characters?
  3. Do the law enforcement officers in the film overreact in their use of violence, or are they justified in employing the weapons and methods that they do?

Chew on This

In Bonnie and Clyde, the filmmakers are clearly telling us that crime will often lead to violence…and that this violence can quickly escalate.

Even though Bonnie and Clyde are both essentially gentle people, their need to protect themselves through violent means hardens them.

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