What's Up With the Title?

Imagine a scene: you had a delicious Cinnamon Roll Frappuccino on a romantic first date with the love of your life…before he strung you around for twenty years and forced you to realize that he could never love you as much as you loved him. And you kind of wish you'd never met him, and now you can't even think of that sweet, delicious frozen beverage without feeling a little sick to your stomach.

Your Cinnamon Roll Frappuccino is Jack Twist's Brokeback Mountain—a gorgeous location that leaves him feeling nauseated, and not just because of the high altitude.

Ennis and Jack meet on Brokeback Mountain. Mountains are pretty, but they're also immovable…much like the barrier Ennis puts up between himself and Jack because he's scared of being outed.

Jack holds out hope for years that Ennis will come around, but he finally realizes that Ennis never will. Jack snaps at him,

JACK: Tell you what, we coulda had a good life together, f***in' real good life, had us a place of our own. But you didn't want it, Ennis! So what we got now is Brokeback Mountain. Everything's built on that.

Jack wants a home, and he can't build a home on a mountain. A mountain isn't a good foundation. It's rocky, precarious, and plagued with unpredictable weather. No one lives on mountains except for weird old hermits (like Ennis).

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