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Brokeback Mountain LaShawn and Randall Malone (Anna Faris and David Harbour)

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LaShawn and Randall Malone (Anna Faris and David Harbour)


We've heard that everything is bigger in Texas, but we didn't know that included mouths: LaShawn never. shuts. up.

LaShawn and Randall are friends of Lureen and Jack. LaShawn talks so much and is so focused on herself that she never realizes that her husband has his eyes on Jack Twist.

Randall demonstrates to us how closeted gay men hit on each other in Texas in the dark ages of the late 20th Century. Their affair starts under the guise of a guy's night out, and soon progresses to something more—you know they're never getting any fishing done on these weekends.

We learn at the end that Jack had moved on with Randall. But Randall is the consolation prize after Jack finally gives up on Ennis. Being gay in Texas, a man has to take what he can get. Gay rights are something that isn't bigger in Texas.

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