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Brokeback Mountain Scene 1

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Scene 1

Scene 1

  • In 1963, a lonely semi-truck rolls down a Wyoming highway at dawn.
  • It stops at a corner, and a man in a brown jacket, cowboy hat and jeans hops from the cab.
  • He walks to an office trailer, where he waits outside the door.
  • He smokes a cigarette, making this like a Marlboro ad brought to life.
  • But then he saves half the cigarette. (Being a Marlboro Man doesn't pay the bills.)
  • A raggedy black pickup truck sputters into the parking lot, and another cowboy, this one in a denim shirt, gets out.
  • Denim gives his truck a swift kick in the rear, then stares down tan jacket a bit.
  • After some time, a man in a white-topped Buick arrives and enters the office without saying a word.
  • The men follow him in, where he explains the job he has to offer: herding sheep on Brokeback Mountain.
  • They get breakfast and lunch, but they "sleep with the sheep." Not a baaaaaaad deal.
  • He tells them to show up Friday at noon, and they don't even have to say a thing. Easiest job interview ever.
  • Outside the trailer, denim shirt introduces himself as Jack Twist.
  • Tan jacket is Ennis Del Mar.
  • They walk to a nearby bar and talk about sheep wrangling, rodeo, and Ennis's dead parents. Not all at the same time. That would be one sad rodeo.

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