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Brokeback Mountain Scene 13

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Scene 13

Scene 13

  • Meanwhile, Jack is working the rodeo circuit.
  • He chats up the rodeo clown at a bar, and it's evident this isn't Jack's first time at the rodeo. And by "rodeo" we mean, trying to hook up with some guy he met at a bar.
  • But when Jack gives him a look that says he wants to do more than just clown around, the other guy leaves the bar.
  • Meanwhile, Ennis and Alma attend a Fourth of July event in town.
  • Two loudmouth drunks spout R-rated vulgarities at what is clearly a G-rated gathering.
  • Ennis gives the men each a cowboy boot to the face as the fireworks go off.
  • Alma is shocked at her husband's capacity for violence.
  • Back at the rodeo, a babe in red runs barrels.
  • Her red hat flies off and Jack returns it to her.
  • She repays him with a saucy wink.
  • Later, she watches Jack ride Sleepy the bucking bull.
  • Sleepy is more like Grumpy, but Jack hangs on.
  • That night, Jack makes eyes at the girl, whose name is Lureen, across the bar.
  • She makes the first move, and the two dance to a sad country-western song.
  • Later, they get it on in the backseat of her car.

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