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Brokeback Mountain Scene 20

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Scene 20

Scene 20

  • It's Thanksgiving, the time of year where families gather around a table featuring a turkey that's been roasting for hours and passive-aggressiveness that's been simmering inside family members since last Thanksgiving.
  • Speaking of passive-aggressiveness, Jack's overbearing father-in-law won't let him carve the turkey.
  • Plus, Lureen is mad her son is watching football instead of paying attention to dinner.
  • So Jack turns off the TV.
  • But daddy-in-law turns it back on. "Boys should watch football," he says, because there's nothing more heteronormative than burly men in skintight pants patting each other on the butt.
  • Jack turns off the TV.
  • The in-law from hell gets up to turn the TV back on.
  • "Sit down, you old son of a b****!" Jack yells at him, putting a stop to that.
  • Then Jack takes the knife and carves the turkey himself. It's the next best thing (and legal alternative) to sticking it in the old jerk's chest.

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