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Brokeback Mountain Scene 21

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Scene 21

Scene 21

  • Thanksgiving gets even more awkward as Ennis eats with his ex-wife, her new husband (the grocery store manager) and his daughters.
  • Alma has either eaten a ton of cranberry sauce, or she's pregnant with another child.
  • Ennis helps her clean up in the kitchen as the stepfather and the girls watch TV.
  • She suggests Ennis get married again. Doesn't she know that his kind of marriage isn't legal yet?
  • She asks if he still fishes with Jack, and he says "not often."
  • She wonders why, all those times, he never actually brought fish home. Seriously, couldn't he have gone by the grocery store and picked up some fish sticks or something?
  • And why did his tackle box still have the price tag on it after five years?
  • So she tested him. She tied a note to his fishing line, and it was still there when he got home.
  • She knows Alma and "Jack Nasty" weren't fishing.
  • "I'll make you eat the f***ing floor," Ennis yells at her. Um, we'd rather have pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving dessert, thanks.
  • He runs from the house and doesn't even say bye to his daughters. "Bye, daddy. Bye, daddy." Poor Alma Jr. is like a talking doll with the voicebox broken.
  • Outside a bar, Jack gets into a fight with some rando.
  • The man beats him senseless in the street. This was officially the worst Turkey Day ever.

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