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Brokeback Mountain Scene 25

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Scene 25

Scene 25

  • Ennis is in the mountains with Jack again, drinking whiskey, smoking, and doing anything but fishing.
  • Jack asks why Ennis has never remarried.
  • Jack reveals that he's been having an affair on the side.
  • He explains that he's having an affair because he feels empty. He tells Ennis, "Sometimes I miss you so much, I can hardly stand it."
  • Try not to cry into your popcorn.
  • They cuddle in the tent that night, then pack up to leave in the morning.
  • Ennis says he won't be able to see Jack again until November.
  • Jack is angry that Ennis waited until the last minute to tell him.
  • Ennis says he has to work, to pay child support. He can't keep taking fishing trips if he has to work.
  • Jack yells at Ennis, that they could have had a good life together. Maybe even had time to do some actual fishing.
  • But Ennis didn't want a relationship. So all they have is this stupid mountain. And mountains don't make good lovers. They're a little too cold.
  • "I wish I knew how to quit you," Jack says.
  • Ennis starts crying, and tell him to quit him. Just let him be.
  • Ennis says he's nothin' and nowhere all because of Jack.
  • They hug it out and collapse onto the ground.

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