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Brokeback Mountain Scene 27

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Scene 27

Scene 27

  • Ennis visits a tired old woman in a tired old house.
  • The ramshackle estate belongs to Jack's tired old parents.
  • They have a cup of coffee and remember Jack.
  • Ennis offers to take Jack's ashes.
  • Jack's dad says Jack thought he was too special to be buried in the family plot.
  • Jack used to talk about Ennis all the time, it seemed. (Aw, shucks. Now we're getting weepy again.)
  • He would say Ennis would move in with him and help run the ranch.
  • But this last spring, Jack talked about another fellow who'd help him run the ranch.
  • Mom puts a comforting hand on Ennis's shoulder, and asks if she wants to see Jack's room, which she always kept the way he had it as a boy.
  • Ennis ascends the tired old staircase to Jack's boyhood room.
  • There's a sad little bed in one corner, and a sad little desk in the other.
  • In the closet, Ennis finds the denim shirt Jack wore on Brokeback Mountain.
  • He embraces it and weeps.
  • Ennis takes the shirt with him.
  • Dad says that Jack will be buried in the family plot, so his ashes won't be spread on Brokeback Mountain.
  • You suck, Dad. That's the nicest thing we have to say.

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