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Brokeback Mountain Scene 3

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Scene 3

Scene 3

  • Days pass. Ennis usually cooks and cleans up camp while Jack rides his horse up and down the mountain.
  • The delivery mule—the Amazon drone delivery of 1960's Wyoming—arrives with more supplies, and Ennis gives him a grocery list for the next week.
  • As Ennis brings the supplies back to camp, a big bear scares the mule away.
  • Ennis wrangles the mule and returns to camp, where Jack is angry that his dinner wasn't waiting for him.
  • He turns sympathetic when he sees that Ennis is hurt, and he tends to the wound on his head with a wet rag.
  • Unfortunately, most of the food is gone. The bear was hangry.
  • Jack thinks they should shoot one of the sheep and have lamb chops for dinner.
  • Ennis doesn't like that idea. So he shoots an elk for dinner the next day.

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