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Brokeback Mountain Scene 5

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Scene 5

Scene 5

  • The men guide the sheep to a new location and set up a new camp.
  • At nightfall, Ennis needs to go tend to the sheep, but he's so drunk, he probably wouldn't know the difference between a sheep and a coyote.
  • Jack gives him a blanket, and he sleeps by the fire.
  • But it gets cold up on that mountain. And even colder when the fire goes out.
  • Jack hears him shivering and tells him to get his butt in the tent—tight blue jeans and all.
  • As a full moon peeks through the clouds, Jack grabs Ennis's arm and puts it over himself.
  • Ennis jumps up in a panic, not wanting to spoon.
  • But Jack, it seems, wants to do a teensy bit more than spoon.
  • Cue the James Brown: Ennis and Jack get it on.

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