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Casablanca Scene 14

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Scene 14

Scene 14

  • In Rick's office, Renault goes on to say that Major Strasser will be on hand to witness the arrest. Kind of a morale booster for the Third Reich
  • Renault then tells Rick that there's a fellow in Casablanca—one Victor Laszlo—who's looking to pay a fortune for an exit visa. But he knows Rick would never oblige him…ahem…riiiight?
  • The two make a friendly wager—Rick that Laszlo will find a way to escape Casablanca, and Renault that he'll be captured. However, Renault says, Laszlo would need to find a way to procure two exit visas, as he's traveling with a woman he seems quite attached to. He might as well have screamed, "Foreshadowing!"

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