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Casablanca Scene 34

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Scene 34

Scene 34

  • Back at Rick's, Renault and Rick are sitting and drinking.
  • Rick thanks Renault for having his men tear his place to pieces earlier that day, an effort which fortunately did not result in anyone locating the letters. (How did no one check the piano??)
  • Renault, who gets around, then has a convo with Strasser, who's worried about Laszlo's influence on the people. He says, "It is too dangerous if we let him go. It may be too dangerous if we let him stay."
  • Um, exactly what does he have in mind then? Gulp.
  • Annina, the young newlywed, talks to Rick about Renault having offered to give her an exit visa. However, she seems to be implying she'll have to break a commandment or two to get it. Rick advises her to ignore Renault's, generous offer, and go back to Bulgaria. Probably not terrible advice.
  • Ilsa and Victor arrive, and Rick has them seated near the piano, per their request. Sam begins playing "As Time Goes By." And you thought "Blurred Lines" got stuck in your head.

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