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Casablanca Scene 41

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Scene 41

Scene 41

  • Arriving in his apartment above the club, Rick finds an intruder in the form of his ex-flame, Ilsa, who snuck up the back stairs. Rick's ADT system must be down.
  • Ilsa implores him to overlook his bitterness toward her and look at the bigger picture, but Rick's quite content with the smaller one.
  • She's desperate for the visas and even threatens to shoot him, but unfortunately for her, Rick is more the "go ahead and shoot" type.
  • When all else fails, drop the gun and go for the lips. Ilsa tells Rick he has no idea what she's been through, and that she always loved him and still does.
  • In the words of the Grandpa from The Princess Bride, this is a kissing part. 

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