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Chicago Mary Sunshine (Christine Baranski)

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Mary Sunshine (Christine Baranski)

Ray Of Sunshine

Before she returned to the city of Chicago as Diane Lockhart on The Good Wife, Christine Baranski played Mary Sunshine, journalist of the Chicago Evening Star. (Maybe when newspapers stopped having evening editions, Ms. Sunshine had to find new work as an attorney.)

Mary Sunshine doesn't have much to do other than repeat everything Billy says. She's a mouthpiece for the slick attorney. But she serves more as a megaphone. She calls the Hart trial "the trial of the century" even though the century is barely three decades old.

And we have a feeling her newspaper has quite the slant when she declares, "To have your baby born in jail… my readers won't stand for it!" and then making the newspaper headline "Don't hang my baby!" Was journalism ever unbiased?

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