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Chicago Scene 12

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Scene 12

Scene 12

  • Roxie storms into a meeting with Billy, angry at the matronly dress he wants her to wear.
  • He also wants her to knit on the witness stand.
  • But Roxie isn't interested in being told what to do anymore.
  • After an argument, she fires Billy. He says he quit anyway!
  • He tells her no one will care about her in a couple weeks. "That's Chicago."
  • Being led back to her cell, Roxie discovers that the Hunyak, the Hungarian woman, lost her appeal. She will be hanged.
  • She will the first woman in the state of Illinois to be executed.
  • In a fantasy sequence, the woman does her "Famous Hungarian Disappearing Act."
  • It's sad, because she won't be reappearing.
  • In reality, her body hangs lifeless. In the fantasy, the crowd applauds when she disappears.

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