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Chicago Scene 14

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Scene 14

Scene 14

  • Roxie takes the stand.
  • She admits to having an affair with Fred Casely because she was unhappy at home.
  • While playing demure housewife, she crosses her legs and reveals some thigh to the male jury.
  • Then she cries that she isn't a criminal.
  • She spins the story like this:
  • Roxie told Fred that she and Amos were having a baby and that she was breaking it off with him.
  • With some coaching from Billy, she says Fred yelled at her and threw her.
  • "And we both reached for the gun," but she got it first.
  • She shot to save her husband's innocent, unborn child!
  • Then she faints. Billy rushes to her aid, and she whispers to him, "What a bull's eye, huh?"
  • Velma, listening to the radio from jail, is furious that Roxie stole her act and her garter.
  • But Mama stole something for Velma: Roxie's diary!

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