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Chicago Scene 15

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Scene 15

Scene 15

  • Shockingly, the state calls a rebuttal witness: Velma Kelly.
  • Who looks fab in a furred collar.
  • Roxie's diary is admitted to the court as Exhibit X.
  • Billy tries to render the diary inadmissible, but Roxie's outburst reveals the diary is hers.
  • Velma reads the diary, in which Roxie says she's sorry… that she only got to kill Fred Casely once.
  • Roxie objects, saying she never wrote that! She seems to be telling the truth.
  • Now Billy has to do some damage control, which in Roxie's imagination, is a deft tap dance.
  • Velma admits she made a deal to testify in exchange for the state dropping all charges against her.
  • Billy has her read a new entry, in which Roxie says Fred didn't get Roxie a deal at the Onyx, so she shot him. Except the language is pre-tty flowery for Roxie.
  • Billy accuses Velma of perjury, but she says she's only doing what she was told.
  • Gasps in the courtroom!
  • Velma throws Mama Morton under the bus, saying someone gave Mama the diary.
  • Billy accuses the prosecuting attorney of using Roxie's confession, and her handwriting, to forge the diary.
  • And the defense rests.

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