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Chicago Scene 16

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Scene 16

Scene 16

  • Mary Sunshine is reporting live as the jury returns with a verdict.
  • Innocent!
  • Chicago goes wild, buying papers with the headline INNOCENT.
  • But gunshots ring out in the street—a woman has shot a man dead on the courthouse steps!
  • All the papers are trampled. Roxie's verdict is immediately forgotten.
  • No one wants to take her picture.
  • Billy tells Roxie he was the one who forged the diary. He couldn't take a chance, because he's never lost a case.
  • Billy leaves, but Amos is still in the courtroom waiting for Roxie.
  • He wants her to come home.
  • Roxie tells him Amos "there ain't no baby."
  • All she cares about is getting her picture in the press.
  • So Amos leaves, while Roxie looks out the window at the streets of Chicago.
  • Cue song: "Nowadays."
  • In a slinky black dress, Roxie sings, "You can like the life you're living, you can live the life you like."
  • Back in reality, Roxie is singing the same song at an audition at the Onyx.
  • The casting agents wonder if she killed a man before, but they can't remember.
  • They dismiss her before she's done with the song.

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