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Chicago Scene 17

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Scene 17

Scene 17

  • Roxie leaves the stage after her failed audition, and Velma is waiting in the wings.
  • She tells Roxie she's actually good.
  • The two rivals argue, but Velma has an idea.
  • "One jazz killer is nothing these days, but two…"
  • Roxie says it'll never work because she hates Velma.
  • But Velma says show business is a business where that doesn't matter at all.
  • Fast forward a bit, and here they are: a duo with their name in lights. Huge lights—so this is Roxie's fantasy.
  • The women on stage wear lush white fur coats and sing "Nowadays" as a duet.
  • They take off the coats, revealing jazzy silver dresses.
  • The music kicks up the tempo and the ladies do a synchronized dance routine complete with props: a white top hat, and then a white tommy gun, which they use to pretend to shoot out the lights, spelling their names.
  • The crowd goes wild, throwing roses onto the stage!
  • Velma and Roxie thank the crowd. "Believe us! We could not have done it without you!"
  • They belt out "All that jazz!"
  • That jazz! The end.

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