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Chicago Scene 2

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Scene 2

Scene 2

  • Later one night, Roxie wants Fred to tell her again that she's a star, but he won't do it.
  • She remembers when Velma Kelly murdered her husband and her sister (the night in the first scene).
  • Roxie says she'd be happy if her husband, Amos, was with someone else.
  • She tries to tell Fred about her ideas for an act, but he gets dressed to leave.
  • She keeps talking, so he pushes her and gives her the tough truth: "You ain't never gonna have an act."
  • He admits he never had connections at the club, and he only told her that to get into her bed.
  • He shoves her even harder, into the wall, and threatens her.
  • Crying, Roxie grabs a gun from a drawer and shoots Fred. Fred's dead, baby. Fred's dead.
  • She's not upset though. She looks in the mirror, and she imagines herself on stage.

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