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Chicago Scene 6

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Scene 6

Scene 6

  • Roxie helps out in the steamy laundry room, and then she delivers fresh towels to the bathroom.
  • In the bathroom, she's able to eavesdrop on Mama Morton, who is working on getting publicity for Velma.
  • Roxie bumps into Velma in the hallway and takes credit for pressing her lingerie.
  • Then she asks Velma for advice on her case and performing.
  • Velma's advice: "Keep your paws off my underwear."
  • Mama overhears the conversation, and she tells Roxie she can help.
  • In Mama's office, Mama tells Roxie not to tell the truth.
  • Mama recommends Billy Flynn, the best criminal lawyer around.
  • She wants $100 to call Billy. It's a steep fee because he's never lost a case for a female client. Never.
  • Time for another fantasy sequence: "All I Care About (Is Love)"
  • "And ooh what luck, 'cause here he is."
  • The "silver-tongued prince of the courtroom" is introduced.
  • Dressed like a shoe-shiner, Billy Flynn dances down the stairs and sings about how he doesn't care for expensive things and status… only love! (Yeah, sure, bud!)
  • In the prison, Velma is being interviewed by the press, and she still denies committing the crime.
  • Her lawyer, Billy Flynn, says they're offering a reward in exchange for the identity of the real killer.
  • Roxie intercepts him, but he says he won't represent her unless she can pony up $5,000.
  • She tries to seduce him, but he only wants the money.
  • "All he cares about is love!"

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