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Chicago Scene 8

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Scene 8

Scene 8

  • Preparing to meet the press, Billy and Roxie form her story: "We Both Reached for the Gun."
  • In the fantasy sequence, Roxie is Billy's ventriloquist dummy, saying everything he tells her to.
  • They make her out to be the innocent girl taken advantage of by Fred.
  • "Not a bit reprehensible. It's so defensible!"
  • The press seems to buy it completely, especially the "stay away from jazz and liquor" part.
  • It seems Billy has manipulated the press just as well as he manipulates Roxie.
  • It's the headline of the paper the next day: They Both Reached for the Gun!
  • Everyone loves Roxie, the "sweetest little murderer" in Chicago. Women get haircuts like her; men want to be her next victim. One sailor has a Roxie Hart heart tattoo, and her auction is raking in the dough.

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