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Chicago Society and Class

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Society and Class

In any generation, there will be someone who thinks that the modern trends of the day are the downfall of society… whether it's Twitter and rap, video games and disco, or speakeasies and jazz. All of these things will destroy our children and bring ruin upon us!

Except… they haven't. But Chicago illustrates the fears of 1920, and it shows us how they're used to both appeal to and to control society.

Questions About Society and Class

  1. How has society changed since 1920? How is it different?
  2. Chicago, the musical, was written in the mid-1970s. How did 1920s society compare with 1970s disco culture?
  3. How does the press influence the public's opinion? Do you think all papers cover the Hart trial equally?

Chew on This

Chicago is still popular—and relevant—because its critique of popular culture and society is timeless.

As much as people condemn the lifestyle of their generation, they are drawn to it and want to be a part of it. That is why people buy Roxie's things and get her haircut. She is the epitome of society, as well as its nadir.

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