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Chinatown Scene 10

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Scene 10

Scene 10

  • Later, Jake and Evelyn are lying in bed together, talking. Jake tells her that working in Chinatown was bad luck—it was too hard to tell what was going on there.
  • Jake says he tried to prevent someone in Chinatown from being hurt, but he accidentally ended up making sure that she was hurt.
  • The phone rings, and they look at each other before Evelyn answers it. It sounds urgent, and Evelyn says she'll be right there.
  • She leaves and tells Jake not to ask her. But before she goes, she tells Jake that her father, Noah, owns the Albacore Club.
  • Jake tells her he knows and that he met Noah. Evelyn seems perturbed.
  • Jake tells her that Noah said she was jealous, and he was worried she'd harm Mulwray's girlfriend.
  • Evelyn tells him her father is deeply crazy and dangerous, and says it's possible he's the one behind all this, including the death of her husband.
  • While she showers, Jake leaves and breaks the mirror on her car—he plans on following her and doesn't want her to see him.
  • He follows Evelyn to a house where he sees that she's meeting with one of her servants and the woman who (he thinks) was Hollis's mistress.
  • It appears that they're keeping her locked away in a bedroom. Evelyn talks to her and gives her a pill, which she tries not to take, before finally agreeing.
  • Outside, as Evelyn's leaving, Jake confronts her in her car. He says that she's keeping her husband's mistress captive, but Evelyn denies it.
  • She says the mistress is too upset about Hollis's death, but Jake says it looks like she knows something, and that they're trying to prevent her from talking.
  • Finally, Evelyn admits that the woman is her sister. Jake is confused and wants to know why she's keeping this secret, and if Hollis was having an affair with her sister. Evelyn weeps, and says she never harmed Hollis.
  • Jake bids her goodnight and leaves.

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