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Chinatown Scene 11

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Scene 11

Scene 11

  • As Jake's lying in bed, a phone rings. He answers it and a male voice tells him Ida Sessions wants to speak with him. Jake says she can call him herself.
  • The phone rings again and this time the voice gives Jake an address where he can meet Ida.
  • Jake drives over in the morning and notices that someone's broken into the house. He cautiously goes inside and looks around before discovering Ida's dead body in the kitchen.
  • Jake picks up her wallet and investigates the contents.
  • Suddenly, Escobar and another detective emerge from the bathroom (once Jake opens the door)—they're already on the case.
  • They talk with Jake, and Jake and one of the detectives almost get into fight.
  • The cops show Jake that they've found the pictures of Hollis that Jake took for Ida when she was pretending to be Mrs. Mulwray.
  • Escobar's figured out that someone was setting Jake and Hollis up.
  • Escobar also says Hollis had saltwater in his lungs—not freshwater from the reservoir.
  • Jake tells Escobar about the water theft and says Hollis discovered it—and that's why he was killed.
  • He leads Escobar to the water pipe by the ocean where they're dumping the water—but it's dry since it's not the nighttime. Another cop arrives and says Yelburton says that its just runoff from irrigating the Northwest Valley that they're dumping and that Jake should know this.
  • Jake goes to Evelyn's house and discovers that the house is being prepared for her absence—it looks like she's moving out. Also, she's not there.
  • In the backyard, the same servant who was tending to the pond earlier says that the pond's water is bad for the grass—because it's saltwater.
  • Jake goes over to the pond and discovers a pair of glasses in it, the object he had seen on the bottom earlier. He realizes this is where Hollis died.

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