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Chinatown Scene 14

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Scene 14

Scene 14

  • Cross and Mulvihill force Jake to go with them to Chinatown, where they encounter the detectives and Jake's assistants. Jake tries to tell Escobar the truth about what Cross has done, but the detectives aren't listening.
  • Evelyn arrives with her daughter, and Cross tries to intercept them, telling his granddaughter/daughter that he's her grandpa.
  • Evelyn yells at him to stay away from the girl, and then pulls a gun on him.
  • She gets in the car and shoots Noah. The cops fire at the car as Evelyn drives away, and the car stops.
  • Evelyn's been shot dead, and her sister/daughter screams. Noah grabs his screaming granddaughter/daughter and takes her out of the car, shielding her eyes.
  • Jake stands still, regretting that he failed to help Evelyn or resolve anything.
  • Escobar yells at Jake's assistants telling them to take him away from the scene. And they do.
  • …Yeah, that's really the ending. Happy, right?

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