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Chinatown Scene 5

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Scene 5

Scene 5

  • The detectives talk with Mrs. Mulwray at their office and ask her if Hollis was suicidal over the adultery revelation. Jake's present.
  • Evelyn says Hollis was somewhat distraught, and they quarreled about it. She claims she was the one who hired Jake to investigate him and Jake backs her up, even though this isn't true.
  • Outside, Mrs. Mulwray tells Jake she's officially hired him to investigate her husband's death and discover what's really going on.
  • Back inside, Jake looks at Hollis's body and talks with the coroner.
  • The coroner shows Jake the body of a local guy who supposedly drowned in the L.A. river. Jake says that's impossible, given how dry that river is.
  • Jake returns to the river and snoops around. The same boy on the horse who met Hollis rides up to Jake.
  • Jake asks him about Hollis, and the boy says they talked about the water in the river—every night water gushes into a different part of the river.
  • Jake drives back out to the reservoir at night with no one around. He starts to walk around the perimeter of the fence, but gunshots ring out and he ducks down into an empty concrete watercourse.
  • Suddenly, water rushes through it and he climbs up a fence to escape.
  • He tries to climb back over another fence to leave, but he's stopped by Claude (the detective hired to protect the reservoir) and a short guy who wields a switchblade.
  • Claude holds Jake, while the short dude whips out his knife and cuts open one of Jake's nostrils, telling him to stay away from the reservoir. Next time, he says he'll cut off Jake's entire nose.

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